Allo! I’m Pamela

While my travel blogs are no longer online, many of my favourite travel articles can be found here, as well as new articles on travel, food, culture, and life in Quebec City – my home base in Canada.

I also run Urban Guide Quebec, an English website on travel, food, culture and the fabulousness of Québec City, as well as destinations throughout Québec.

Pamela MacNaughtan

I love snapping photos...

Sometimes I tell travel stories…

When I started travelling I thought I would be gone for a few months, then back to Canada, as well as back to work. What happened was a lifestyle change, one that opened my eyes, as well as my heart. There are stories here which originally appeared on my travel blog, Savoir Faire Abroad (and SpunkyGirl Monologues before that), as well as new adventures.

I pop up in other places...

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