September 2011

Goodbye Zimbabwe, Hello Botswana!

I’ve been avoiding looking at the trip notes for my trip from Kenya to Cape Town so that every day is a surprise. Actually, I’m so forgetful these days that I would probably forget what I had read within minutes anyway.

Our truck pulled up to the Zimbabwe border mid-afternoon. Exiting the country was business as usual, however entering Botswana was a little more tricky. Once everyone in our group had cleared immigration, George instructed us to go on to the truck, grab all of our shoes and come back outside. It would take a little while for the truck to clear customs in both countries, we were going to walk across the border.

Victoria Falls is one of those places that is on (just about) every traveler's list of things to see/do/experience. I set up my tent with Sarah for the last time (as she would be going home from Victoria Falls) and tried to imagine what it’ll be like to sleep in the tent on my own going forward. Needless to say, I’m not sure setting up and taking down the tent on my own is going to work, lol. I quickly cast the thoughts from my mind and continued to get everything ready as I’d be spending 2 1/2 days in Victoria Falls.

“If you slice 3-4 of these (Snake Apples) and put them in a salad, you’ll be dead in about 4 hours,” Ian said in Dutch/English/Zimbabwe accent (yes, it really is a mixture of all three). “If you rub this leaf, it’ll kill you in about 2 minutes.” Once again, Ian had my complete attention. “If you eat a little of this berry, it will act as a female contraceptive, if you eat too much, you’ll die.”