October 2012

*Prices and visa requirements can change at anytime, and rules can differ depending on your Nationality. Most visa services will have up-to-date information, as will embassy/consulate websites for the countries you're visiting. 

It is impossible to do the Mongol Rally without tourist or transit visas (Now if you want to spend hours and hours searching Google to try and prove me wrong, be my guest! If I am wrong, then email me at.... Wait. I’m not wrong. I’m not giving you my email address!). Everyone will need to apply for tourist and/or transit visas for the Mongol Rally, and once you have chosen your route, you really should plan out your visa timeline. I know, it sounds way too practical and you’re a spontaneous person. Blah, blah, blah.

Navigating in Central Asia is a challenge. As soon as we drove across the border into Georgia (from Turkey), the road rules seemed to change. In fact, the road rules seem to fly completely out the window. Hello Mongol Rally, is this what we have to look forward to?

Turkey, in comparison with Georgia, was orderly. The cars drove the same way we do in North America. There are lanes on the road for traffic, and the cars stay in their own lane. I know, you're thinking 'Why is she even talking about this stuff?'. I'll tell you why!