April 2013

The streets were steep, cobbled, and skinny, and in some cases there is barely enough room for a VW Beetle taxi cab, let alone another car, yet somehow cars are able to pass one another without incident. The roads wind together like a four year old has been drawing lines on a wall, and there are points where three or four roads collide into one another. In most places traffic lights come in handy, but not in Taxco, this is a city without traffic lights (they rely on common sense, and help of traffic cops). It's a crazy mess, but utterly charming at the same time.

When did negative events in first world countries become more important than negative events in second or third world countries? Why is it that when something horrific happens in the United States it's plastered all over the news and social media? People around the world share their outcries at what has happened, giving their support and love to victims. Yet if these same events took place in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Mexico, or the Middle East, the reactions don't even come close to being the same. Many times it's not outcries of love and support, it's advice and caution about visiting the country.

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Mexico City was to visit the Frida Kahlo museum. Not because I was DYING to go, but because I had slipped and fallen on a wet marble floor in Morelia the day before and my ankle was still quite tender, which meant that my plans to wander around the city would have to wait. Thankfully I have six days in the city, so there is plenty of time to explore.

When I announced that Morelia was on my itinerary here in Mexico I was surprised to read tweets asking me if the city was safe for travel. Truth be told I found myself getting defensive as though someone had just insulted a member of my family. What do you mean, is Morelia safe?! It's safer than New York City!

I spent four days in Guadalajara. I stayed in two beautiful boutiques hotels, La Villa del Ensueño & Casa Pedro Loza, and I did a little exploring. Yet, I still have so-so feelings about the city. And I kind of feel guilty about that because I always strive to find the good in every place I go (not saying it was horrible or bad, it wasn't).