February 2014

Cobbled streets, 17th and 18th-century colonial buildings with steep metal roofs, 24-hour clocks, prices with comas instead of periods, and French signs everywhere you turn… It’s as though I’m walking through a small town in France, except I’m not in France, I’m in Canada. Québec City, the oldest fortified city in North America (and one of the most historic cities in Canada), it more of the more fascinating cities in Canada. It’s a city steeped in history, culture, and intrigue. I'm creating a home in Québec City.

In a nutshell, yes. I admit, I was a little leery of travelling to Oaxaca last year. Usually places that garner so much positive press are overrun with travellers and I get a little suspicious. I want to explore Mexico, not float from tourist hotspot to tourist hotspot! It sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know.  I think it's because I like to make up my own mind about a place and therefore I tend to not listen to (or read about) other's opinions before I arrive. I mean what if I go all hyped up and it blows? That is no fun.