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Looking for the Mongolian Embassy in Bangkok was like walking through a maze, especially when you add in the fact that I had no clue where I was going. But once I found the Embassy, things were surprisingly easy. I rang the buzzer, stated that I wanted to apply for a visa, filled out a form and was told to come back three days later. In a way, it was almost too easy.

Visa Requirements

When I initially decided that I wanted to go to Mongolia I checked the visa requirements online. I was pretty sure I would need a visa, but a small part of me was hoping I would be wrong. On the Foreign Affairs Canada website they stated that in order to receive a tourist visa, one would need a letter of invitation as well as a passport valid for 6 months etc.

A letter of invitation? Really? I wasn’t sure how to go about getting one of those. I figured it had to be obtained through a tour agency, but I have no intention of spending money on a tour. I decided to just go to the embassy and take my chances without a letter. As it turned out, I didn’t need one. The girl at the desk told me to “skip that part” and I did.

*1 passport photo required for application.

Costs & Turnaround Time

The fee for a tourist visa is…

1300 baht to have a visa in 3 working days

2400 baht to have a visa in 24 hours

How To Find the Mongolian Embassy in Bangkok

Take the BTS to Ekkami Station. Walk down (or is it up) soi Ekkami for about 1.5 kms to soi 22 which will be on the right hand side of the road (There is a 7-11 on the corner). Walk down soi 22 until another road appears on the left. Turn and follow it to the next road on the right. The Embassy is half way down, number 100/3. There are signs pointing you to each street for the Embassy.

The Score

Three days after applying I made my way back to the Embassy of Mongolia with a slight knot in my tummy. Would there be a visa inside my passport? It;s always a nervous time and I usually don’t want to get my hopes up just in case. When the girl behind the desk appeared with my passport, I almost kissed her. There, in front of me, was a shiny new visa for Mongolia. My happiness was palpable. I wanted to act like a 6 year old and skip my way down the Embassy’s driveway. Yes, I said skip.

Mongolia has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and here I am with a visa to enter for 30 days. The next 2 weeks in Bangkok are going to be torture now. All I want to do is pack my things and make my way to China and up to Mongolia. I want to see and experience this amazingly diverse country for myself, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with my family and friends.

Embassy of Mongolia Address & Contact Info

Embassy of Mongolia

100/3 Soi Ekkami 22

Sukhumvit 63, Klongton Nua

Wattama, Bangkok

Ph. 662.392.1011

Open 9am to 12pm & 2pm to 4pm

*Note: Some websites have the address listed incorrectly. This above address is the correct one.


  • October 15, 2010

    Good information for anyone getting the visa in Thailand.

  • October 18, 2010

    Nice info, sounds a lot easier than some other visa’s but I wouldn’t expect too much hassle from a 30 day tourist visa to be honest.

    • October 18, 2010

      It could be sheer luck as well. I put in the same effort for my Chinese visa and that one was a 6 month multi-entry visa. It was a lot easier than I would have thought.

  • Johnny

    November 12, 2011

    awesome – doing this next week 🙂 thanks for the info!


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