Body Image

As a girl with ginormous boobs (and far from average stature) who has spent most of her travels in Asia, I am not accustomed to travelling in countries where I can experience complete acceptance. I'm used to walking around and having locals stare, or point. Where everyone is so tiny that it would be difficult to buy a bra that fit one of my boobs, let alone both of them. I'm used to having a tough exterior and pretending I don't understand what is going on - and having to give myself permission to stay in on days where I'm not feeling at my best.

I know what you're thinking, "Is she really going to write about her boobs?!", and the answer is YES! Why? Well for one, they are kind of attached to me, which means they are a big part of my travel experiences; pun totally intended. Here's the thing, they are ginormous. No, really, they totally are. My cup size is a size H (OMG I think I may hyperventilate. I've never admitted that to anyone before). That is not my stomach resting on my arms, it's my BOOBS!!