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I am not prone to hyperbole, but, IMHO, the best sushi in Chiang Mai, Thailand can be found at Musashi Sushi in Nimmanhaemin (soi 13). I will legit arm wrestle anyone who thinks otherwise (Ha!).

Before the explosion of travel bloggers and digital nomads, my trips to Chiang Mai involved exploring the old city, writing and eating. Each evening I’d meet friends at Chiang Mai gate (one of four gates along the old city wall) for a delectable dinner of street food while sitting on child-sized plastic stools and watching locals make everything from crispy pork to pad krapow moo saap. We’d eat, share discoveries and walk away full, having spent less than $5 each.


Fast forward a few years, and while Chiang Mai gate remains a popular go-to spot for cheap and delicious food in Chiang Mai, one cannot help feeling the pull towards Nimmanhaemin with its cafes (with good wifi) and food scene. An interesting mixture of street-side Thai stalls and gourmet restaurants that have been built to keep the influx of travel bloggers and digital nomads happy.

Finding the best sushi

Gourmet in the sense that Nimmanhaemin is the multicultural nerve centre of Chiang Mai. It is here that you can nosh on insanely good burgers at Beast, enjoy a flavourful Indian curry outside Starbucks, savour a Burmese salad, feast on tacos and salivate over sushi.

Salmon sashimi on cucumber (background) and Tokyo Drift rolls.

Musashi Sushi is located down a quiet section of Nimmanhaemin Soi 13 and easily missed. Especially if, like me, you tend to saunter down sois while listening to Sia and thinking about whether or not you have clothing that has not been drenched in sweat.

Once a rather small restaurant with a couple of black tables and chairs and glossy tile floors, Musashi Sushi Bar has moved a couple doors to a slightly bigger space with more seating. Dining in is best, especially if you like cats – the owners have several cute AF cats, some of which wear bow ties! If you’re not a cat lover or the restaurant is busy, opt for take-out. 

The fish is always fresh and prepared expertly. Each dish on the menu is beautifully presented and packed with complimentary flavours. Personally, I’m a huge fan of their Dragon and Tokyo Drift rolls, as well as the Crab Rangoon. That being said, the rest of the menu is succulent and delicious as well.

TIP: If you’re celiac, be sure to tell the chef up front as he is very good about preparing your sushi so there is no cross-contamination. He also offers a gluten-free soy sauce. Yay!

Eat at Musashi Sushi Bar

Nimmanhaemin Soi 13, a few minutes walk from Nimmanhaemin Rd.
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If you're craving sushi in Chiang Mai, then this is definitely the best place to go!

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