Pamela MacNaughtan

I’m pretty sure that foodie tours are my new favourite pass time. There is just something so very perfect for exploring a city and experiencing it through local foods. Mmm… delicious! During my time in Vancouver last month I had the pleasure of taking not one, but TWO food tours – both through Vancouver Foodie Tours.

Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour, and World’s Best Food Truck Tour. Gourmet + Food trucks = HEAVEN!

The first of my tours was the Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour, which is perfectly named. We started with perfectly steamed pork at shrimp dumplings at Kirin, then headed to Urban Fare (a local grocery store) for Mission Hill Cabernet Merlot wine, salted caramel Thomas Haas chocolates, and Vermeer cheese <—- yumgasm alert!!

Leaving Urban Fare was rather bittersweet – I wanted more cheese and chocolate! But when the next restaurant served prosciutto and burrata cheese, I was once again happy. Have you tried burrata cheese? It is the softest, freshest mozzarella-like cheese I have ever eaten.

When we weren’t eating, we were walking through downtown Vancouver, my guide, Joyce, finding little ‘amphitheatres’ (doorways) to stand in and fill us in on Vancouver’s food scene, the history of some of the architecture, and tease use with tidbits of information about our next meal. Which was always delicious. I swear, it has to be one of the best jobs in the world – until you get annoyed or demanding clients, then it would blow.

My next tour, and possibly my absolute favourite was the World’s Best Food Truck Tour. I am a HUGE street food lover, so food trucks are always a hit with me. I love that the prices are reasonable, the good is usually gourmet, and the servings are large. It’s pretty much the perfect meal – as long as you can track down the food trucks in the city you’re visiting. Now, I could write about each and every stop, but why do that when I can just show you!

Here is a (not-so-good) video of my tour, minus the repeated, “OMG this is SO good’. Yes, I really did say that every single time!!

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