Pamela MacNaughtan

The moment I spotted the gorgeous array of marbled meats hanging in the windows of the old-timey-looking Grinder Boucherie, I knew I needed to stop. It screams hipster, but GAH, I’m a sucker for good design – and slabs of marbled meat with promises of buttery textures.

Located on Notre Dame Ouest in Griffintown, Grinder Boucherie ( is known for using every bit of meat, from nose to tip, high-quality meats, superb ageing techniques, and product transparency. Their master butcher, Charles Bizeul, trained at Fleishers ( in New York, where he embraced the neo-butchery movement.

In case you’re not familiar, neo-butchery is about responsible butchery; provenance and traceability of the meat, and using every part of the animal.

We are seeing more of this in the food world; provenance and traceability, reducing waste and placing value on quality vs quantity.

Travelling from Montréal to Toronto, buying meat was not an option on my last visit. I’m willing to travel for 3-hours without refrigeration, but 5+ hours is too much of a risk. I did, however, opt for a sandwich.

From the moment I took my first bite, I understood why the Philly Cheese Steak was their best seller. The meat was buttery in texture with robust seasoning that didn’t overpower the sweetness of the grilled onions and peppers. A moan-worthy sandwich, and quite possibly one of my all-time favourites (right up there with the insanely good Lobster Crab Roll I had in Halifax in 2013).

I mentioned Grinder Boucherie in an article on the best Montreal neighbourhoods for first timers for Urban Guides Canada a few months ago, but when my baby brother (who is nowhere close to being a baby) told us over Christmas that he had moved to Griffintown from Edmonton earlier in the month, Grinder Boucherie was the first place I told him to go.

I’m sure he’ll love this place as much as I do!


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