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Have you ever said something, then walked away and realized that what you said could have taken on a totally different meaning? Yeah, that totally happened to me this week in Bucerias.

One of the things I love about living on the Mexican side of town, away from the touristy places, is that I can walk around and explore in piece and quiet. I love slowly walking down the dirt roads, looking for things to photograph and explore, which is how I came across Casa Flores Fruterias, a little fruit market about 5 minutes from the house. I had passed the market a couple of times, but it always looked closed. Until Thursday when I was on my way to the Taqueria. Naturally, I just had to go inside and check it out (I have a thing for local markets when I travel).

“Hola!” I said as I walked through the stone archway and into the market. There were crates and sacks of fruits and vegetables piled on the floor. An older Mexican man in a red hat sat behind a desk, and three younger guys worked in the little market, weighing fruit on the old scale that resting on a wooden chair at the back, or checking lists.

“Can I help you?” the large bald Mexican guy with earrings in both ears asked, “Uhh… I need some limes and some peppers” I quickly replied, knowing I’d use them for margaritas and guacamole at some point.

We walked to the back of the market and he picked up some small limes, “I have these ones, or there are some seedless ones over there. The seedless ones are less tart”, he said as he pointed to the large limes across the room.

“I’m making margaritas later, so I think the large limes would be better” I said with a smile. He grabbed a bag, and placed four inside, then took me to the peppers.

“Do you want jalapeño peppers or serrano peppers? The jalapeño peppers are not as spicy as the serrano” he stated, “Oh, well, I’ll take the serrano peppers. I like my lips to be on fire“, I stated with a smile, to which he smiles and proceeds to put a big handful of peppers in the bag.

“Are you on vacation?” He asked, “Kinda of. I’m here for a month, just staying with friends” I replied.

“My name is Tony” he said as he extended his hand, I shook it and said my name was Pam, then asked if I could take a couple photos in the market.

“How much for the limes and peppers?” I asked, “Uh.. 10 pesos”, he replied. Sweet, that’s like 80 cents!! I handed him the money.

“The market is better on Mondays and Thursdays. There is more fruit and vegetables and everything is very fresh” says Tony, “Great, what is the best time to come?” I asked, “Around noon is best”, he replies, “Maybe I’ll come back and check things out on Monday” I reply.

After putting my limes and chilies in my bag I took a few photos, said ‘Adios’, and walked down the street. That is when our conversation hit me like a 10 ton brick.

‘I like my lips on fire’?!?! What on earth was I thinking? I was buying limes and peppers, not auditioning for a porno!

And ‘I’m making margaritas later, the big limes would be better‘?!?

In less than 10 minutes I managed to tell some random Mexican guy that I was in Bucerias for a month, I like big limes because I enjoy margaritas, and I like my lips to be on fire. I also managed to say that I would come back Monday to check out the market when it’s full.

I know what you’re thinking, did she really say those things to a big, bald headed, pierced, Mexican guy? Or is she over-exaggerating the truth? Let me tell you this, I have tears streaming down my face right now because I couldn’t write this post without laughing about how porno-esque my conversation was. I still can’t believe how ditzy I was on Thursday, and I’m pretty sure that every time I see Christine and Drew in the future, they will refer to the time I told a Mexican guy I like my lips on fire.

Needless to say it has been agreed that from now on I will go to the fruit place to buy fruit and veg for everyone as I will probably getting better prices if Big Tony is around.

I like my lips on fire… OMG! What next?! Do you have any pineapples? I like things to be really juicy…

[For the record I said I wanted the bigger limes because I can’t handle food that is too sour, it makes my face squinch (I know that is not a really word, but I’m using it), and as for the peppers, I like my guacamole spicy, hence my lips need to be on fire. Why I assumed he would automatically know those things is beyond me.]


  • March 11, 2013


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    March 11, 2013

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