Pamela MacNaughtan

I look out my window and breathe deeply, taking in the view in front of me. For the last two months my view has been that of the parking lot, and the building beside mine – which was in such close proximity that anyone could see down into my apartment. But now, now is different. I’ve moved from the ground floor, to the fifth floor, and when I look out my window I can Château Frontenac to my left, and the steeples of Chalmers-Wesley United Church. I can see the curved tin and metal rooftops of buildings in my neighbourhood, tall wooden staircases, and one small patch of snow that refuses to accept that it is spring.

If you could December and half of January when I was subletting, then add March and April, this is the longest I’ve lived in a city since quitting my job in 2010.

Many have doubted my resolve saying I’m a traveller, it’s not possible for me to stay in one place! To that I stick out my tongue and give a rebellious ‘raspberry’, followed by a triumphant smile.

When I said I was going to establish a home base in Québec, I meant it. And cute French boys have nothing to do with my decision.

[shocking, I know!]

My life in Québec is simple, and despite all the personal melodrama that has taken place since May (which has nothing to do with Québec, and everything to do with bad timing, poor family health, and pretentious a-holes who wouldn’t know integrity if it hit them in the face), I am content with where I am – which still amazes me.

Life has been crazy, so crazy that I’ve been mentally (and at times emotionally) exhausted. Too exhausted to write even the simplest of blog posts. So instead of writing, I would grab my camera and bag and wander. I wander through the quiet streets of Old Québec, and around Grand Allée and Ave Cartier. I walked into Saint-Jean-Baptiste, and down to Place Royale and Old Port. And I spent a lot of time wandering around Saint-Roch, noshing on delicious eats at places like Le Clocher Penché and Nina Pizza Napolitaine. I also participated in my first French press trip.

I love Québec, and while many say that my life in Québec City is still in the honeymoon phase and that my love will fade, I still like to think that this city will continue to make me tingle with delight for a long, long time.



  • Francis

    May 2, 2014

    If I had to live my life over again, I’d do exactly what you are doing. Vieux-Québec is where I’ve always been most happy.
    It has French elegance without pretentiousness. It’s a European city with Canadian hospitality.
    There is no place in the world that I can go and truly feel at home and completely stress free.


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