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Mexico is one of those countries where street food is a mandatory experience. It’s home cooking at its very best, and the only way to truly discover the delights of traditional Mexican food. In other words, Mexican street food is the epitome of comfort food. And when I am not in Mexico, I find myself craving some of these foods – like I am right now!


pork taco in Puerto Vallarta


Tacos change depending on where you are in Mexico and as such, there are a million combinations. Basically, if you wrap a tortilla around something, it’s a taco. Seriously. In coastal towns that are popular with tourists you’ll find taco pescado (fish), camaron (shrimp) and pollo (chicken), but these are not common tacos outside tourist areas. In the rest of Mexico, the most popular tacos are are taco carnitas (crispy fried pork), taco birria (a meat stew) and taco chorizo.



A soup (or stew), pozole is generally made with hominy, chicken or pork, and chili. This soup can be found on the streets and even though Mexico is hot, it’s worth trying a pozole or two.



Burritos are another popular street food in Mexico. Although they are generally filled with just queso(cheese), you can also ask for pork, beef, chorizo or mushroom. Just remember that each vendor has its own menu, so don’t be disappointed if one doesn’t have an ingredient you’re looking for.



Gorditas are fresh corn tortillas that are stuffed with goodies like cheese, pork and refried beans. In many cases you’ll find a place that has bowls of yummy ingredients on a table where you select what you want and the vendor then makes it for you. So fresh. So yummy.

Aguas Frescas

Agua fresca is Spanish for fresh water, but aguas frescas are so much more than standard water—they are blended non-alcoholic drinks with a variety of flavours. When you’re thirsty, you must try an agua fresca. The best ones are horchata (rice water scented with vanilla or spices), cebada (made from barley) or any of the limonadas (lemonades).



Street food is great, but it is even better when you add some salsa and other condiments. But before you do, it’s a good idea to put a little bit on your pinkie finger to taste before applying. This will prevent you from burning your tongue (or tonsils) because you thought something was salsa and it was really a mixture of pureed fresh chilies.

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