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Welcome to my apartment in Quebec City, it’s early morning and I’m sitting on a galvanized metal chair in front of a slightly wobbly kitchen table (which is probably wobbly because I put it together and I don’t think I screwed in one of the legs all the way) waiting for a phone call to say that my sofa is outside and ready to be placed in my super small studio apartment.

Did I mention that the phone call will likely be in French because I’m sitting inside my Québec apartment?!?!?

I’m still getting used to that idea, of having an apartment in Quebec City, as a resident. Wow.

My current Québec apartment (which I’m referring to as version 1.0) is a small studio. A very small studio that holds a two-seat sofa (when it arrives), TV bench, a kitchen table, two chairs for said table, and not much else. The kitchen consists of an apartment size stove and fridge, no drawers, three and a half cabinets and roughly six inches of counter space.

My first couple nights in my new home base were chilly, which taught me a couple things rather quickly.

1.) When my sofa arrives, I’m ditching the air mattress and sleeping on the sofa every night until I move upstairs into the one-bedroom I’m waiting for.

2.) As I am on the ground floor, the floor of my apartment is crazy cold all the time and that same cold penetrates an air mattress really well. This would be fabulous in summer, but not so much in winter.

3.) Putting a flannel sheet on the air mattress only makes one slightly warmer.

4.) I didn’t think that missing blind would be a big deal until night fell and the safety light outside the building turned on and light streamed into the apartment. I’ve never used an eye mask before, but I am now! Why did I wait so long to discover the awesomeness of eye masks?!

A Sofa Saga

While my move appears to be all rosy and fun, there have been a couple challenges, like getting a sofa! At first, I was going to get something from IKEA and have it delivered, but they do not take AMEX online and I discovered that you have to put the sofa’s together like everything else. I have a wobbly table already, I do not need a crooked sofa! No, I wasn’t going to drive to Montréal to buy a sofa, I was going to buy one here in Québec.

I decided to go against my better judgment and buy one at the Brick. I know, it was a horrible choice, but I just need a cheap sofa for a little bit until I can save up for something better. So, I found a cozy small two-seat sofa on clearance for $350. Score! The only downside was that I would have to wait four days for delivery.

Tuesday was to be the fourth day. The sofa didn’t come. Apparently, they lost it inside their warehouse and all they could tell me was that they would call in a couple days to let me know when they found it and could deliver it. Seriously?! Screw that, I’m picking up the sofa myself. There was only one problem, I don’t have a truck to pick-up the sofa and bring it home. So, I texted the only person I know here who has a truck and begged him to let me use his truck in exchange for a nice dinner, gas and a wash. He said yes. And then he said he could maybe get away for 15 mins to help me move the sofa inside, but that he was very busy. I know he’s insanely busy, which is why I only asked to use his truck. I tried to explain that I could move it myself and to not worry about it, but French men have this thing about girls moving things on their own. They don’t like it. It’s kind of comical.

In the end, my Scottish stubbornness took over and I decided to rent a Chrysler Town & Country van to pick-up the sofa, knowing that I could go afterward and pick-up a couple things I needed for the apartment. Sure, the sofa almost didn’t fit in the van and I thought I may have to eat crow and beg to borrow the truck again, but in the end, the guys squeezed it in. Yay!!

I pulled up to the back door of my apartment and went to work pivoting the sofa up a crunchy snow bank and towards my apartment door. Have you ever tried to pivot a sofa up a crunchy snow bank? Yeah, it’s not that easy. I did get it done, and I did manage to angle and try to slide it up and into my apartment. And then there was a loud knock at my other door. Apparently, my drunk French neighbour had been watching me, and he decided he needed to move the sofa. It’s a man thing. Many women would be screaming over sexism. I simply laugh to myself and let them flex their muscles knowing that I could do it myself, but okay with letting them show off.

I Have a HOME!


Québec City Apartment 2.0

Despite a hiccup here and there, I freaking LOVE everything about this apartment.

This is my space. My home. Well, it’s the first stage of establishing a ‘home’ here in Quebec. The second stage happens when I move into a bigger apartment in May and buy an actual BED! Dude, I am going to buy my own bed, and cozy sheets, a heavy blanket, squishy pillows… Oh yeah, I know where I’ll be for the first week.



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