I’m attracted to things that are different, odd, unique. It’s like I’m in constant rebellion as I strive to find things that not everyone does. Tourist traps can be okay, but they are usually overflowing with tourists and that is just way too many people for me. No, I like the unique experiences that not everyone flocks to. The ones that make my friends and family say, You did what?!

Which is kind of how I ended up wearing leather chaps?

And a leather jacket, doo-rag, boots, and a helmet on a very hot summer day in Jasper, Alberta.

I’ve taken traditional tours through Jasper National Park, but when I saw one could do a motorcycle tour, I was totally in. I can sit in a Harley Davidson sidecar and explore Jasper?!?!

I was giddy like a school girl when I arrived at Jasper Motorcycle Tours, and then felt like a bad blogger for not realizing that doing the tour also meant that I had to be dressed in full leathers. I’m not going to lie, I was a little weary of the idea given the afternoon heat, but I was game for trying it out.

I pulled on black socks and half cowboy boots and joked about how sexy I was looking in my Capri jeans. Cause every girl wants to be seen in jean capris with black socks and half cowboy boots.

And then they brought out the leather chaps.

I can honestly say that I have never in my life wore leather chaps, and other than for safety in case of an accident, I’m not sure why one would! They could look sexy on the right body (which is totally not mine), but mobility is almost non-existent. I’m so not even kidding. I couldn’t even get my leg up a couple feet to swing it over and into the sidecar. My guide had to do it for me.

Let me set the stage a little better so you have a FULL understanding of what went down. Dressed in leather chaps, jacket, and half cowboy boots I walked outside where I was given a doo-rag for my hair, and then a helmet. I was now weighted down as I walked to where the motorcycles were parked, which happened to be Patricia St, one of the busiest streets in Jasper. Lots of cars and people around.

It was in the midst of traffic and people that I tried and failed, to lift my leg up and into the sidecar, which meant that my driver/guide had to lift my leg for me.

Yeah, take a moment to absorb that last sentence.

Sure I could have just sat behind him and saved myself being placed in the sidecar like a kid, but I really wanted to sit in that sidecar!

Once I was tucked (yes, tucked!) into the sidecar we were off, riding through the town of Jasper and toward Marmot Basin. I marveled at the mountains as we drove, and laughed to myself when other bikers saw us and gave an approving nod. I’m pretty sure if they knew I was not even close to being a biker they would have ignored us.

It was a perfect day for driving through the mountains, and even though I didn’t see any wildlife, I was having the time of my life. The views from Marmot were stunning, and I learned that stopping for too long in the heat wearing full leathers was a bad idea – I probably should have brought a cold bottle of water with me. Damn.

Leaving the Marmot Basin behind we then drove along the Athabasca River, which is grayish blue due to glacial silt and still beautiful.

Okay, I’ll say pretty much everything in Jasper is beautiful. But it’s true!! Man, I’m going to miss my mountains when I return to Ontario next week.

My trip across southern Canada has been absolutely amazing. I have seen so many beautiful places and had some fabulous experiences. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve decided to base myself in Ottawa for six months and explore Canada even more. Canadians, our country is awesome, stick around and explore it! Everyone else, what are you waiting for? Go buy a plane ticket to Canada!!

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