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Toronto has one of Canada’s hottest food scenes, and as such, I have a very long list of restaurants to experience – which seems to grow weekly. This means I am spending less time at the restaurants I adore, and more time exploring new ones. Sometimes trying something new is meh, but sometimes trying something new is fabulous. Electric Mud BBQ was fabulous.

Located in the Parkdale ‘hood of Toronto, Electric Mudd BBQ sits on a quiet street (Brock) just north of Queen Street West. It’s small and seems to melt into the local geography save for an electric pink neon cross with the word ‘Bar-b-que’. The only sign of BBQ salvation on a dark night in the city.
Named as one of the best new restaurants in Toronto by enRoute magazine for 2014, Electric Mud BBQ has become a very popular place indeed. In fact on the night that I dined with them celebrity chef, Bob Blummer (Surreal Gourmet) was enjoying some fine southern BBQ as well.
As someone who fires up the BBQ in sun, rain, snow, sleet, etc., I get really excited about BBQ eats. And after spending 6 months in Texas when I was in my early twenties, I get over-the-moon excited about Southern BBQ (I may need to write a post on Southern BBQ eats in Toronto at some point).

Recommended Dishes

  • Crack Rolls [Milk Buns with Smoked Butter]
  • Fried Chicken [Boneless chicken thigh, with gravy, cider syrup, and hot sauce]
  • Rib Ends [Crispy heritage pork, with Electric BBQ sauce, and jalapeƱo]

The food at Electric Mud BBQ is so delicious and flavourful (in my opinion) that I moaned with every bite I took. While the ribs were delicious, my favourite dish was the Fried Chicken. Perfectly cooked, the highlight of the dish was the combination of gravy, cider syrup, and hot sauce. It’s like a party in your mouth.

The restaurant is small but cozy. They have tables and bar seating inside, as well as picnic tables outside. Personally, I prefer the outdoor seating. It makes for a more authentic BBQ experience in my opinion.

Chow down at Electric Mud BBQ

5 Brock Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 2K3


  • Rob

    March 14, 2014

    If you want a taste of true Texas bbq in Toronto you must try AAA Bar at 138 Adeliade st e. It is more of a “BBQ Joint” than a BBQ restaurant… A joint serves ribs with wonder bread, in a restaurant they sprinkle on green stuff so that they look good!


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