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It’s 4:00am and I throw back the curtains in my hotel room, hoping to see clear skies after a rainy and grey arrival the day before. 

I was greeted with a wall of fog so thick that I couldn’t see anything beyond my balcony railing. “NO!”, I groaned, shaking my fist weakly before shutting the curtains and crawling back into bed. Maybe if I pretend to go back to sleep Mother Nature will curb her diva act and bring on the sunshine.

I may not have made it to Mongolia, but I did make it to Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan! Writing about not finishing the Mongol Rally was difficult, I think because I was admitting (more to myself, than others) failure. Okay, perhaps failure is a rather strong word. And perhaps I am harder on myself than I need to be. I do take pride in what I do, and when I don't accomplish something I set out to do, it bothers me. But, did I actually fail? Maybe not...

The sleeping bag smelled faintly of old mown grass and dirt as I opened the black garbage bag it was stored in and rolled it out over the back seat of my car. In a matter of hours, I would be leaving Banff to drive my car to Toronto. I've driven from Banff to Toronto before (in fact, I did it 2 weekends ago when I needed to drive my Mom and her car to Orangeville). It's a long drive. About 2-3 days long.