Taxco Tag

I was hot, my feet were getting tired, and I was pretty sure I was somewhere near my hotel. I had taken a taxi from the hotel to the huge market in Tonalá and decided to take the TUR bus back for 11 pesos, rather than spending 80 pesos on a taxi. I thought I was so smart. I knew the basic area in Tlaquapaque were I needed to get off, but I didn't account for Semana Santa (Easter week) and the fact that some roads were blocked. As such I completely missed my stop and ended up sitting on the bus all the way to the end of the run, then looping back to where I was suppose to get off the first time, except the bus driver dropped me off in a slightly unfamiliar area.

The streets were steep, cobbled, and skinny, and in some cases there is barely enough room for a VW Beetle taxi cab, let alone another car, yet somehow cars are able to pass one another without incident. The roads wind together like a four year old has been drawing lines on a wall, and there are points where three or four roads collide into one another. In most places traffic lights come in handy, but not in Taxco, this is a city without traffic lights (they rely on common sense, and help of traffic cops). It's a crazy mess, but utterly charming at the same time.