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Dock along the Zanzibar Channel in Dar es Salaam After being robbed at the night market in Zanzibar, I was in a fairly quiet mood when we left Stone Town the following morning and headed to the Sunset Bungalows on a beach about an hour away. The drive was nice enough, but my mind was still on the events from the night before. As the van, we were in pulled into the driveway at Sunset Bungalows my eyes felt heavy. I stepped off the van, walked into reception and waited for my room assignment. Zanzibar is one of the few places on my Intrepid trip from Kenya to Cape Town where I’ll be sleeping in an actual tent, rather than in a tent. Happy days!

I had an hour to kill before I was to meet Bernie, Em & Christina and head out to meet the rest of the group at Africa House for drinks before dinner. Initially I was going to sit on one of the carved wood sofas and play catch-up in my journal, however, one look outside at the children playing was enough to change my mind. For the first time during this trip, I was going to have decent hair, well, until I sat on the steps in front of our hotel. Within minutes of sitting down, 4 little girls came over and started to touch and play with my hair. Their dresses were dirty and a little torn and the girls ranged in age from about 4 years old to 7 years old.

Although it was dark, the air was still warm and smelled of the salty sea which was just 500 feet away. I sat down on a low cement wall and started to eat the vegetarian samosa I had purchased from the night market. *Unfortunately there are no photos of Zanzibar as they are on my camera...* I’m in Zanzibar for the next three nights and spending my first night in Stone Town. During the day the square is fairly empty (except around lunch when it’s seriously hot outside and everyone is laying around trying to find a shady spot). Once the sun sets, the square transforms into a night food market. Tables and BBQs are set up and locals (as well as tourists) are given a choice of different kinds of fish, bread, chicken or beef kebabs, pizza or sugar cane juice.