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It started as a quirky idea, a way to chronicle living in Quebec City as an anglophone. Now, however, Urban Guide Quebec is now Urban Guides Canada and I am slowly hiring freelancers to expand the site’s content to cities and regions across Canada.

It’s a labour of love, and possibly some blood, sweat and tears as well. And possibly an ulcer here and there. And maybe a couple of panic attacks.

What is Urban Guides Canada?

A destination website, Urban Guides Canada is centred around Canada’s urban centres: Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver (with more to come!). The Bucket List section has articles on everything from tourist hotspots to hidden gems and local favourites. While the Food & Drink, Shopping and Sleep sections focus on local independent┬ábusinesses.

Urban Guides Canada: Your guide to the food and culture of Canada

Of course, there are exceptions for Canadian icons and institutions (Chez Ashton, Chateau Frontenac etc.).

Escape the City is just that, articles about getting out of the city and exploring the regions nearby, discovering small towns, being outdoorsy and adventurous.

A guide to Canada that highlights the local side of life.

The Business Side of Things

It started as a hobby and slowly grew into a business. Something that was driven home when I took the plunge and registered Urban Guides Canada as a business, and then opened the bank accounts and started hiring freelance writers to build out the content.

Say, what?!

Being an entrepreneur, for me, is a mindset. Travel blogging (SpunkyGirl Monologues and then Savoir Faire Abroad) was fun and a whimsical job that I didn’t take seriously, not completely. This, this is different. I’m 100% invested in the growth of Urban Guides Canada as a brand.

The website ( is the heart of the brand, but we are also (albeit slowly) writing guidebooks for cities across Canada, producing some fun merchandise and a few more things I’m not ready to talk about.

The possibilities are endless, my brain is almost always thinking five or ten steps ahead.

I Love Canada

I love that through Urban Guides Canada and I showcase the very best of my home country. I love Canada. I love the diversity in its urban centres, the beauty of its countryside, the flavours and smells and nuances of being Canadian.

And hopefully, through Urban Guides Canada, I (and those who write for me) can inspire and help those who are planning a trip to Canada and locals who want to explore their hometown (and country).

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