Pamela MacNaughtan

I stand on the corner of the hotel driveway, camera in hand, framing a photo of the street, and the colourful square stone houses that are creeping up the mountain. It is early morning and as a warm glow slowly stretches across the horizon I hear the faint sounds of roosters in the distance. I’m in Haïti. I let that thought sink in slowly as I start to ponder how I want to share my experiences here. Yes, there will be many photos, a few tweets, and a blog post each day, but what is the story? What will be my angle?

There are always more than one viewpoint to a city, person, or place, and Haïti is no different. While it would be easy for me to share only the tourist viewpoints, I don’t want to do that. I want to show you as many viewpoints on Haïti as I possibly can in a week.

Spending four days in Port-au-Prince gives one time to adjust to the chaos of the city and experience more than just the touristy sights or the impoverished neighbourhoods (I think a view of both helps one to understand Haiti’s earthquake recovery, as well as he spirit of its people), and while visiting museums and the observatory are fabulous, I highly recommend spending time in the markets.

I love visiting markets when I travel as they are one of the best places in which to understand the culture and traditions on a people/city/country. And while I could write a very lo post on all the things I saw, I think showing you works best.


The streets of downtown Port-au-Prince are filled with street vendors selling everything from fruit to motor oil to clothing to voodoo supplies.


I love talking to locals in markets and asking to take their photo, and in Port-au-Prince it is no different – although I do end up coaxing them by saying how beautiful or handsome they are.

Spices, kittens, fruits, and veg. It’s mandatory that every market have these items. Oh, and bunnies!

Tonight? I go to a Voodoo Musical. But more about that tomorrow.

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